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But we don't have to tell you that, our five-star Yelp reviews from fellow Southern California natives speak for themselves.

We know that finding a reputable, low-cost licensed private investigator on Catalina Island that you can trust can be a difficult task. Our reasonable private investigation rates, discreet prior law enforcement and insurance claims staff, and commitment to quality have earned us trust and referrals from our clients for over 28 years. We have received countless good reviews and testimonials from our clients thanking us for our hard work.

From Avalon to Two Harbors, New World Investigations is the only team you will need for all of your private investigation needs. Contact us here today for a complimentary consultation, or call us anytime to discuss your case with a local private investigator.

I needed a thorough background check done...turns out the guy had sued quite a few other previous employers in Arizona and his degree wasn’t even real!..Highly recommend these guys..
— Jamie S. Yelp Reviewer

What Exactly Can A Private Investigator Do?

Our Licensed Orange County Private Investigators can help with an enormous amount of cases for attorneys, businesses and individuals. Surveillance, especially infidelity surveillance or cheating spouse surveillance is something our investigators are hired to do nearly every day. But a licensed private investigator can do much more. Most people are not aware that licensed private investigators are able to help small businesses and large corporations with background checks, asset searches, insurance claims consulting and executive vetting, since they have access to databases, law enforcement records and other confidential sources that the public and even executive recruiters do not have.

New World Investigations also has decades of experience with investigating consulting insurance claims in Orange County, including AOE/COE, product liability, construction defect, as well as auto accident and slip and fall cases.

For Civil Attorneys and Criminal Attorneys in Orange County, we provide a full spectrum of services to support their practices and help win their biggest cases. From sign-ups to witness canvassing and witness statements, locates, asset investigations, scene inspections, court searches, surveillance and document services. Our General Counsel, Robert Freeman Esq. became a partner after we assisted his firm with obtaining critical evidence that helped achieve multiple major victories in court.

Infidelity Surveillance and Cheating Spouse Investigation

Cheating Spouse / Infidelity - Do you think that your spouse may be cheating? Often, our instincts are correct, and covert surveillance by a professional, licensed investigator is how to verify your suspicions and give you peace of mind. Our investigators have logged thousands of hours of cheating spouse investigations, providing clients with clear, covert video and photographic evidence as well as detailed written reports and summary of surveillance activities that not only reveal the truth, but can stand up in court proceedings and arbitration as well. 

Witness Statements


Once witnesses have been located, the next step in the accident or criminal defense investigation is to contact the witnesses in order to find out what each witness knows about your case. We can make contact with your witnesses directly and interview them according to your needs.

At your direction, we will obtain a written or recorded statement from your witnesses that can be used as evidence during trial or litigation. We can also perform background investigations on your witnesses and the defense’s witnesses in order to determine witness credibility and find any possible factors that can decrease credibility.

Asset Searches


The purpose of a Financial Asset Investigation is to determine the assets of an individual or a business entity. Some of the reasons for wanting to determine this information are specific to the type of client

Law Firms: Law firms generally require this information to:

  • Determine whether or not there is financial merit in suing a potential litigant

  • Locate siezable assets in support of a judgment

Financial Services Firms: Financial Services companies generally require this information to:

  • Develop or verify the credit worthiness of a potential borrower

  • Determine if proposed financial "workout" terms are understated

  • Assist in the collection of debt

Corporations: Corporations and other business entities generally require this information to:

  • Develop or verify the credit worthiness of a potential customer

  • Determine the financial health of a prospective joint venture partner

  • Provide additional business intelligence for a Mergers & Acquisitions decision

Claims Consulting

New World has over 50 years combined experience in pre and post litigation claims experience.  We have consulted many law firms and businesses on the most efficient and cost effective ways to handle claims, keep costs down and maximize results.  We show businesses how to document everything for the claims process.



High quality videos and photos are some of the most powerful types of investigative evidence that an attorney can collect. When necessary, we can conduct covert surveillance operations as part of investigations such as insurance fraud or suspected infidelity. Our insurance surveillance investigations can collect visual, photographic and video evidence to support your case. We will also provide a detailed written report and summary of our surveillance activities and any activities that we observe. All of the evidence that we collect can then be presented in court to support your case. We are experts in our field and our surveillance evidence has been used in countless high-profile cases. 

Court Searches

The court system is difficult to navigate.  We can provide in depth court searches for civil index, criminal, family, marriage and divorce, federal, probate, and small claims.



When building a criminal defense or performing an accident investigation, you may be required to find witnesses and other relevant individuals for the case. However, since this is not your primary job as an attorney, you can easily waste a significant amount of time and money if you attempt to locate a person yourself.

At New World Investigations, we specialize in performing difficult locates for criminal defense and accident investigations, and we can use a variety of techniques and tools in order to identify, locate, and find the witnesses for your case quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

Document Service

We provide difficult service of process at time and mileage rates of $75.00 per hour and $.60 per mile.


Our Services In Orange County

  • Witness Statements
  • Sign Ups
  • Witness Canvassing
  • Scene Inspection
  • Locates
  • Asset Investigations
  • Claims Consulting
  • Surveillance
  • Document Service
  • Court Searches

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